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You Fixed What?

By Mike Royer

My 11-year-old is very cute and he knows it. In fact, he has become a master of using his cuteness to get in good with us when he needs to and using some to get out of trouble. But, he’s still cute and is going to ride cuteness as long as it serves his needs.

When he was very young, say 2 or so, if you fussed at him for something, he’d try to tickle you and laugh, as if to say, “You can’t be mad at me when we’re both laughing at how cute I am.” It worked and similar techniques work for him yet today.

Last week we needed to get us a new washer and dryer. So, I told Will to go along with me. I knew basically what we wanted, since I’d been told what we wanted, so off we went to a local store where we’ve shopped forever. As I looked at washers and dryers acting as if I knew something about washers and dryers, Will was busy looking at TVs and flipping every switch he got near. We were there about an hour and after intense back and forth negotiations, and two calls to Momma we settled on the perfect washer and dryer to fit our needs.

As the nice man was writing up the sale, Will asked where the water fountain was. The nice man told Will that he’d be glad to give him a bottle of water when he was done. Turns out if you spend what I spent on a washer and dryer, they throw in a bottle of water at no charge. Will wandered off, went to the restroom, came back out and watched TV until we were done with our deal.

We got in my truck and started to drive off when Will uttered these frightening words: “Dad, I fixed their water fountain.”

“You did what?”

“I fixed their water fountain, all that was wrong with it was that someone had turned off the water.”

I’d be exaggerating if I said I locked up the brakes, but I did stop quickly and headed back to the store.

The nice man seemed very pleased that we came back. I told him that my son wanted to share something with him. Will hadn’t even finished telling him about fixing the water fountain before he began to move toward the back of the store. As you likely have figured out, the water was shut off for a reason, and the reason was that the 25-year-old water fountain had more leaks than a top secret congressional hearing. A nice water puddle had already developed. Will and I wiped up the water as I explained that before we “fix” things for other people (as nice of a thing as that is to do) it’s best to speak to them first, share with them what your repair plans are. The nice man gave Will a bottle of water just like he’d promised.

The nice man sent two other nice men to our house with shiny new appliances. They hooked them up and made sure they worked and everything. They came with a warranty, but I’m not worried about that, I’ve got Will to keep an eye out for anything that might go wrong.

See you tonight at 5, 6 and 10 p.m.

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