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Mike Royer's blog: Need cheering Up? Call a few old friends

By Mike Royer

First let me apologize for not writing anything in this space since the first Gulf War, but I’ve been a little busy.   That’s most of the reason, but part of it is I go months and months and don’t think of anything to write about that anyone but I would be interested in.

But today I’ve smiled ear-to-ear three times so far and plan to smile ear-to-ear a couple more times.   Now, I’m thinking I need to do this more often.

I got to work about an hour ago and needed to find a phone number.  Being old and old fashioned, I reached for my handy business card holder that I’ve had since 1982.   I know you probably keep all your contacts in some cool system that starts with an I, but not me.   My card holder is so old I have my own business cards from all three TV stations I’ve worked for.

Anyway, while flipping around looking for the number I needed I saw the name Maggie Keller.   I hadn’t talked to Maggie Keller in a couple years.   She’s the one who first told me about the sweetest man I’ve ever been around, Emil Lang.   I did three or four stories about Emil.  He lived to be 108 and lived every minute of every day being nice to people.   I called Maggie and got her answering machine.   Maggie can make you smile just with the message you hear when you call.   When she calls you, after she tells you what she wants to tell you she signs off with; “love Maggie.”   That always makes me smile.

Then I saw Johnny Spann’s business card.   Johnny owns Spann Real Estate up in Winfield.  His son Mike was the first American killed in Afghanistan and I’ve interviewed him several times about that and other stories up that way.   It was good to touch base with Johnny today and call him to just say hello instead of trying to set up an interview.  Like his son, Johnny is a patriot and loves his country. He’s busy now helping to raise his grandchildren, some still at home, and some off at college.   If you ever wonder how you go on living after losing a son, take a look at Johnny Spann.  He spends much of his time doing for others. 

If I didn’t have these pesky newscasts coming up, I’d call a few more people just to catch up.   I tried calling a friend named Joe.  I spoke on Joe’s behalf at his parole hearing in 1976 in Federal prison.   He was convicted of a non-violent crime but he was guilty as sin.  Know why I went to Oklahoma to appear for him and ask that he be released?   His mother begged me to.   I’m a sucker for a Mother who loves his son that much.   Joe’s been living at the foot of the cross ever since and has his own business and everything.  He’s a locksmith and very good at it.  He was too good at it back in the 70’s.

This is just Tuesday and I’ve got about 80 more business cards to go through.   It could be a long week.

See ya tonight at 5:00, 6:00 and 10:00.



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