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Mike's Blog: "and be sure and pray for Ann Curry"

By Mike Royer

When my boys were little and shared a bedroom, we tried to make bedtime prayers a regular part of our routine, which reminds me, we ought to still make it regular part of our routine.

We’d pray for everyone we could think of, grandparents, each other, family who lived far away, and anyone else that came to mind.  It was a sweet time, and now it provides good memories of those fun days of innocence.  

Before we’d pray I’d ask them if there was anyone else they wanted to pray for and often they’d mention a friend or someone they’d met that day who they felt deserved to be added to our prayer list.   One of them asked one night if we could start praying for Wal-Mart.   We’d been to Wal-Mart that day and I think they were so taken by the sheer size and brightness of the place that they felt that surely the place and the people who worked there needed every prayer they could get.

Way back when Jack was about 5 and Will was 3 they began to notice that our TV was on NBC in the morning and Alabama’s 13 at night most of the time.   At bedtime Jack asked if we could add Ann Curry to our prayer list.   He’d seen her on the Today Show when she was reading the news each morning and in his 5 year old brain he felt compelled to pray for Ann Curry —  we did for many nights.

I was doing early morning news here back then and I shared that story one morning on the air.   One of our viewers heard the story and thought it was such a cute thing for a 5 year old to think of.   She shared the story at work and after a while “and be sure and pray for Ann Curry” became sort of a regular closing line to a phone conversation and then emails too.    People she communicated with picked up on it too, and people would sign off with “and be sure and pray for Ann Curry.”  

You may have noticed that Ann Curry is doing pretty well these days.   In fact, she was recently named co-host of the Today Show.   When that was announced the viewer who picked up on the “and be sure and pray for Ann Curry” story called me to tell me that her phone friends and Internet friends went crazy exchanging emails when her promotion was announced.   It seems they sort of took it as a personal prayer mountain top moment.  

I guess the simple lesson is that it never can hurt to pray for anyone, in fact, though it may take a decade or two, you just might see concrete results to your prayers.    Now that I think of it, Wal-Mart’s hanging in there pretty well too.

I’ll see you weeknights at 5:00, 6:00 and 10:00.   Thanks for watchin’ and be sure and pray for Ann Curry too.


Mike Royer

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