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Primeaux's Mussels Frites

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  Feeds two as an appetizer, or one as a full meal:

  24-30 good sized mussels, from a reputable fishmonger

  1 small shallot, diced

  2 garlic cloves, minced

  1.5C little white wine (Buy something nice - what you don't cook with, I suggest you drink)

  1/4C heavy whipping cream, for substance and body

  Salt & Pepper to taste

  Chopped parsley, for garnish and a fresh pop of flavor

  Extra virgin olive oil, 1T


  Bring a little extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) up to a good heat in a standard saute pan. Just enough to coat the bottom. When it's shimmering, and barely smoking, add your shallots and garlic. Salt and pepper them, and let them color just a little bit. All the golden brown goodness you develop on the aromatics are going to flavor our sauce, so it's important not to skip this step!

  Add the mussels to the pan, and immediately flambe with white wine. There will be much ado - steam, sizzling, popping, maybe even some fire - so do not do this with your face above the pan! (Unless you hate eyebrows. Personally, I like mine.)

  Let the wine simmer and gently shake the pan every now and again, allowing the mussels to get heated through. Spike the wine with a shot of heavy cream and a little parsley, and check for seasoning. If it needs some salt, add some! If not, leave it alone. Remember, mussels are naturally a little briny all by themselves, so don't get too aggressive with the seasoning.

  If there are any unopened mussels in the pan, discard them. They are lame ducks and no good for eating.

  Dump the whole shebang somewhat unceremoniously into a heated bowl, and make sure to include another bowl with your service, so people have a place to put their shells!

  Served with fries, it's a killer little dish.
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